• Sean M. O'Connell

Vision, Action and Leadership

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

"Rome was not built in a day, but they were laying bricks even hour"

- John Heywood

Welcome to my website. My name is Sean M. O'Connell and I want to become the Mayor of London. London has distinct challenges and while there are many things we cannot control, there are some things we can.

Ask most Londoners and they will tell you that London is a good place to live and raise a family. I have heard this comment repeatedly when I speak with residents. Londoners understand that our quality of living is of primary importance. I want to ensure that the quality of life not just continues but thrives. There are major projects in the city but it is the small changes that can have a large impact on a person's quality of life. For example, an advance green at an intersection that residents have asked for years, or changing a child's playground from sand to wood chips. Change will happen whether we want it or not. The difference is that I will harness and channel that change for our mutual benefit.

I will seek to complete our objectives in the London Plan of 2014 and the Bus Rapid Transit Plan with transit hubs and a fully operational transit system . I will challenge developers in the city to make architecturally significant buildings. Boring and uninspired apartment buildings while functional do not make London attractive. I understand how developers make money off such projects but under my leadership I want them to do better than before. If we want London to be a destination for people, we have to capture the imagination, demonstrate our talent and turn London into a prosperous city again.

Our challenges range from inadequate transit, poverty, lack of employment, housing, or homelessness, the list goes on. All of these social, economic and cultural issues, that London faces, are interrelated. It stems from our economic weakness. In order to tackle these problems we have to have a starting point, that is transit. We have a plan and I know where we as a city want to take it. My experience and education have taught me that building is a key strategy to make an economy grow. By framing the marketplace with infrastructure we can allow entrepreneurs, tech savvy individuals, craftsmen, artists, and business owners fill the public spaces that I wish to create. It is in these spaces that there will be opportunities for prosperity. Stability in outcomes is a guaranteed metric of success, this is why investors love predictability. To put it simply, if an investor knows what and when a project/business will be built they will be able to invest. We as a city can't force companies to hire but we can make the spaces for those companies to do so.

If elected Mayor I will also tackle the issues of harassment in the workplace. No one should ever feel that their work environment is unsafe or toxic. Having experienced work place harassment myself, I understand what is needed to address the issue. Quite often managers are responsible to address the situation of a work place harassment but are not equipped to handling the situation, nor should they as they were hired for a different purpose. The city of London has over 3000 employees. Therefore, I will create an independent in-house position, an HR integrity manager, who will exclusively address the issues of work place harassment. Employees need someone who they can speak to at length, feel safe, listen and have the authority to deal with those concerns.

In addition, I wish to ensure that City Hall remains an integral employer in London. This means changing the way that individuals are hired by the City. Employment opportunities must be free, fair and open. I will not allow entitlements in order to access a position over external applicants. Did you know that for every position available at City Hall, Human Resources can receive over 300 external applications? How many talented individuals are we turning away? Our appointments must be transparent and based on merit. To that end, I want to establish a system where applicants will be able to track their applications and find out the result. Feedback should be provided if someone takes the time to contact Human Resources. Feedback is an important tool. If an application failed, a proactive person would like to why it did. How else are they able to make the necessary changes to succeed?

We all want success and a livelihood. I know I do. As Mayor I want to ensure our mutual prosperity and have London live up to its namesake.

Sean M. O'Connell

Mayoral Candidate