• Sean M. O'Connell

Visual Fringe Festival

Showcasing London based artists the Visual Fringe Festival is a great way to experience London's art scene. London has always had a immense amount of talent in the arts and culture. It is only natural that we celebrate and showcase it.

I had attended the Visual Fringe Festival for a few years but never thought I would actually get the chance to participate in an exhibition. A friend of mine who has been in the show for a few years encouraged me to display my own photography work and apply to the festival. I admit that for the most part my art has been sitting on my hard drive rather than displayed for a number of years. I found out a few months ago that I succeeded in my application to the exhibition and will debut my artwork in a few weeks which is pretty exciting.

Growing up, I trained in the arts such as painting, drawing, sculpture, before finally settling onto photography. It is interesting to note that while my jobs didn't pertain to my artistic background I always somehow came back to it. I, like most artists needed an outlet for my creativity. In fact the website your looking at right now I created. Talent knows no limits.

I encourage Londoners of all ages to come out to the festival.