• Sean M. O'Connell

An Open Letter to Londoners

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Dear Londoners,

This municipal election is important for us as a city. Do we want to be a city that grows or declines? London is in a period of transition and is facing unprecedented challenges. Whether it’s a lack of economic opportunities, a social housing gap, or growth. City council needs to deliver new infrastructure, address significant transit issues and find direction for the city. These challenges happen all around us whether we want it to or not, however that doesn’t mean we are helpless.

If elected as the next Mayor of London, I will harness these changes to our benefit. I believe that when we ask the city administration to deliver plans, such as the London Plan, we should act on them. Otherwise drafting documents is a pointless exercise. I will ensure that this is a city that invests in transit, infrastructure and our society. Mobility is key to reinvigorating the city. The roadways must be shared with all modes of transportation and pedestrians.

I will challenge developers to build to our benefit beyond development charges. We need buildings that enhance our city and improve our quality of life. Architecture that shows creativity and inspires people to live here. Similarly, we can grow our local economy by creating marketable spaces for investment and businesses such as transit hubs. Established projects create certainty for investors, developers and entrepreneurs. In addition, residents will come to know what to expect in the years ahead.

London must be able to realise its potential. We must plan for the future, which is why I will ensure our city will have a full-time city council beyond this election. Our city institutions must have open and fair competition for work. The time of status quo politics is over. We, as a city, have not prospered and cannot continue to conduct our politics as a status quo, using favouritism, endorsements or populous sentiments. Ladies and Gentlemen, these are shades of cronyism.

London deserves better.

I understand that our challenges are difficult, but they are not impossible. The next four years will have an immense amount of work to achieve to move our city forward. I endeavour, if elected, to give our city direction and purpose. City Council and I will address these challenges head on. I want London to succeed. Our mutual prosperity depends on it.

Thank you,

Sean M. O’Connell

Mayoral Candidate for London - apoliticalhand.org